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10th Jun 2019

Baby donkeys are so very precious and they deserve the world

baby donkey


Previously, we brought you the existence of cow puppies – the stunningly beautiful baby fluffy cows that were sweeping the nation with their adorable faces and soft bodies.

They were too much to handle and our lives changed forever.

Now, another super cute, perfect, and all-round dote of an animal has come to our attention and we need to share them with our readers.

Baby donkeys.

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We know, baby donkeys are potentially not as intriguing as the beloved cow puppy – after all, they are simply a baby version of an already well known and well respected farm animal.

But baby donkeys have got a few things that regular donkeys do not.

They are small.

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They have little faces.

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They are soft and warm, probably.

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And they are precious.

Now, we don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but we absolutely think that baby donkeys could become the next big pet craze.

Cats and dogs have ruled the roost for far too long – it’s time for us, collectively as a nation, to invite baby donkeys into our homes, bring them on walks, and treat them like members of the family.

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They deserve only the best, after all.