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24th Dec 2019

Babies born in December are pretty unique and special – and here is why

Trine Jensen-Burke

Is your baby due towards the end of December?

There are some truly special things about babies born in December – in fact, they are quite special, starting from birth.

Did you for instance know that December is the rarest month to be born, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day being the very rarest birthdays of all (mostly because very few pre-scheduled C-sections will take place on these dates).

Apart from possibly not having to share their birthday with lots of their future classmates, here are a few other facts about babies born this month:

2. Likely to reach his or her 100th birthday

3. They do better in school

Some people think it’s a disadvantage to be one of the youngest kids in the class, but studies show that, by the time they graduate, younger students outperform older peers in the same grade.