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19th Apr 2018

The work and beauty habits our Aussie Blog Award winners swear by


Brought to you by Aussie Hair.

Last week’s Aussie Blog Awards saw some amazing women take home their very own mega award, marking the hard work and commitment they have shown to the trade so far.

The Her team got chatting to the winners after the awards, learning some of their most helpful tips and tricks that, so far, have helped life and work run that bit smoother for them. So, safe to say, they grabbed our attention.

Each of them shared useful habits and tips that relate to their favourite blogging topic/category. The tips might sound extremely simple, but try to really implement them, and it could be another story. Working on just one new habit a week though, we think we might be able to put at least some of the following advice into action.

First up is Lean Mean Momma with her Health and Wellness tips. We think you can probably tell what she’s all about from the name really, but ladies, whatever she does seems to work. Lean Mean Momma (Cliona O’Connor) is all about eating as little sugar as she can and getting in as much lush veggies as possible. She also ensures she gets in plenty of water and lots of sleep each night – an aspect of health many of us ignore.

Most Aussome Health/Wellbeing Blog winner Cliona O’ Connor at the Aussie Blog Awards 2018 at House, Dublin

When it comes to fashion and styling tips from our Best Fashion Blog Winner, In The Deetales (Dee Alfaro), it’s all about dressing for your own body shape. Forget trying to shimmy into all the new summer trends that just aren’t made for your body – it’s not worth it. A better idea is to have stylish pieces that compliment your natural beauty rather than pieces that take from it. Most importantly, we need to discover what our very own style really is.

Most Aussome Fashion Blog winner Dee Alfaro at the Aussie Blog Awards 2018 at House, Dublin

Bonnie Ryan nabbed the award for the Most Aussome Beauty and Hair Blog, and this gal swears by taking off her makeup each night without fail. Bonnie also recommends wearing mascara to brighten up those beautiful eyes of yours, and for her, sculpting brows to perfection is an absolute must at all times.

Most Aussome Hair/Beauty blog winner Bonnie Ryan at the Aussie Blog Awards 2018 at House, Dublin

With summer just around the corner, a few travel tips would no doubt be appreciated. Eat Sleep Chic, who took away the prize for Most Aussome Travel Blog tells us to always pack a bikini in our hand luggage. You just never know when that suitcase might go missing, but you’ll still want to hit the beach!

If you’re going on a solo trip (which many of us do) well, we had better leave an itinerary of our entire trip with a friend or family member to let them know where we should be at each and every moment. Safety first everyone.

Most Aussome Travel Blog winner Stephanie Buckley at the Aussie Blog Awards 2018 at House, Dublin

Zoe Elizabeth Palmer who won the award for most Aussome Newcomer says she tries to be as unique as she possibly can because right now, there are just so many bloggers in the field. If we want to stand out from the crowd, we had better be as different as can be.

The overall winner of the night, Zoe Palmer who won a trip of a lifetime to the home of Aussie, so she’s off to Australia!

And there you have it ladies – the tips and tricks that are essential for these winning ladies, and maybe even for ourselves.

Brought to you by Aussie Hair.