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07th Dec 2016

Apparently, a lot of couples break up on this day in December


Cathy Donohue

Ah now.

In the latest random research to surface on the internet, 11th December is said to be an extremely popular day for couples to split up, (we’re taking this with a pinch of salt obviously).

This data was compiled by two statisticians who concentrated on Facebook data, statuses featuring break-up messages etc, and found that approximately two weeks before Christmas was peak break-up time.

However, the good news is Christmas itself is the opposite and break-up statistics are quite low during the festive season.

What’s the reason then for the pre-Christmas period resulting in multiple relationship breakdowns?


Chatting to ABC News, one of the researchers, David McCandless, offered his opinion on so many splits occur during this timeframe:

“I can only reflect on my own experience — would you want stay in a relationship that you felt was over through Christmas and New Year’s?

“You don’t want to be dogged by worries or pressure, you don’t want to be worrying about the potential ups and downs in your relationship, you just want to clear the space”.

However, McCandless and his co-researcher, Lee Byron, were keen to point out that this is not a study and more of a “curious exploration” and a pattern that cropped up after analysing countless Facebook posts.