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30th Jun 2017

Another nap bar has opened and it’s an excuse for a city break

Any excuse for a nap.

Cathy Donohue


In fabulous news of a Friday, another nap bar has opened and this one is in Madrid.

Life can get pretty hectic and sometimes, you just need some quiet time where you can snooze to your heart’s content.

The Siesta&Go nap bar offers both private and shared rooms for much-needed shut-eye or if you just want to chill, you can hang out in one of the many cosy armchairs.

There’s coffee on tap and you can even get in your comfies, with nightwear and slippers provided, and if you really have to get on top of those emails, there’s the option to rent a work space too.

European nap bar

Prices start at €12 to rent a private room and at the moment, there are 19 rooms available…although if this catches on, we see it expanding before long.

Siestas are the norm in Spain and we’re totally on board because there’s a lot to be said for a little disco nap when the 4 pm slump hits, although it’s not exactly permissible behaviour in everyday life.

This isn’t the first ‘napping’ establishment with similar spaces in Brussels, Tokyo, and Dubai but the more the better!

Main image via Facebook: Siesta & Go