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12th Oct 2017

Viewers noticed something strange about this kids’ book on TV3

Come again?

That’s not the Ann and Barry we remember reading.

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember Ann and Barry from your schooldays, two wholesome youths whose adventures in schoolbooks of the same name were followed by children all over Ireland.

Ann and Barry didn’t get up to a whole lot apart from maybe helping out their parents in the kitchen and the garden and giving their uncle a dig out in the farm every now and again, but they still made a lasting impression on a generation of Irish schoolchildren.

We can’t remember them, however, getting up to the type of antics suggested in a picture caption on the Six O’Clock Show on TV3 on Wednesday evening.

In case you can’t read the captions in the images above, on one page, below a picture of Anne holding a box of cakes, the text reads: ‘Anne is stoned and has the munchies.’

On the other page, meanwhile, a caption below a picture of Barry holding a jar in each hand reads ‘Barry is simple and from Tallaght, he has robbed a jam jar.’

The oversight didn’t go unnoticed by viewers on social media last night, although we’re sure it was just an innocent mistake. A quick Google search will reveal that this particular doctored Ann and Barry image has been doing the rounds on Irish internet forums for years.

Fear not, Ann and Barry fans, your childhood hasn’t just been ruined.