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18th Jul 2023

Americans are claiming Europeans ‘don’t believe in water’


By Joseph Loftus

“God Bless America.”

Disclaimer: I love America. I love Disney Land, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, The Beach Boys, Times Square, Humphrey Bogart, and Micky Mouse, BUT. And there is a but. For a nation so riddled with its many ups and downs, they don’t half love to criticise us humble Europeans.

One story that’s been doing the rounds recently stems from young Americans on TikTok who are lambasting the French, the Italians, the Spanish, and Widnesians alike claiming that Europeans ‘don’t believe in water’. It’s preposterous and quite frankly, it’s offensive.

Let’s delve in a little further.

Now of course there’s a lot of differences between us and our neighbours from across the Atlantic but is water really next on the list of those things which divide us? Apparently so, with TikToker @ditchthedistrict taking to the social media site to write about her experience in Europe.

She says in the video: “Everywhere I go, I’m drinking the same amount of water as the three other people at the table combined. I’m hoarding water bottles in my room. I feel like my organs are turning into beef jerky [because] they’re so dry. I can drink a whole bottle of water before my first course even comes at a restaurant.”

And it’s not just her. Another TikToker by the name of @br3nnak3ough, posted a video showing her friend group necking water with the caption: “Us the moment we find water because Europeans don’t believe in water.”

Where the devil are you? Where in Europe isn’t water? I can’t believe my eyes.

@ditchthedistrict What is the secret?? Half my travel budget is water I swear #internationaltravel #asktiktok #americansabroad #europetiktok #europetok ♬ Alegria – Elia Y Elizabeth

As you can probably imagine, bucketloads of Europeans feigned annoyance at the claims from across the border, and fought back with bellies full of water, shouting: “Water from the tap works perfectly fine, fill your own water bottle for free. Sincerely Sweden.”

Another roared: “Why are these people so dramatic for no reason. You can find water on every street corner.”

And a third wrote: “People are dramatic [as f***]. There are markets/stores everywhere & a bottle of water is cheaper than in the US. They have water in restaurants.”

Now get off your horse and drink your milk.