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03rd Jan 2018

Here’s where most Irish parents get baby name inspiration from

Bitta inspo, anyone?
baby names

If there was ever a time we needed a distraction from the monotony and pain of being back at work, it’s now.

After what felt like months and months of stuffing our faces with cocktail sausages and downing cocktail-cocktails, it’s time to step back into the real world, concentrate, and get some actual work done.

Or, we can waste hours upon hours playing around with a baby name generator.

Either or.

Thank god then that C & G Baby Club have dropped their class new baby name generator at a time when we need it most.

The tool not only allows users to search baby names via sex, origins, seasons, and style, but it also lets you discover the meaning behind specific names too.

Hours of fun. Literally.

The generator also revealed where most Irish parents get their baby name inspiration from… and it’s hardly surprising that it’s from Celtic names.

Forty-five percent of them admitted to doing so, with 43 percent saying that they chose their baby’s name with an “inspirational” name in mind.

C & G asked new parents in Ireland what the most important decision they make for their baby is.

A substantial 83 percent said that naming their child was the important thing they did to establish their baby’s identity from an early age.

Makes sense.


The baby name generator lets users explore names from the above criteria as well as others like Disney inspired names, celebrity names, and old-fashioned names.

Parents in Leinster were the most likely to name their baby after a celebrity (Meghan, anyone?) and dads are more inclined to name their child after a place.

The baby name generator includes over 50,000 names from the Central Statistics Office and other reports, so it’s fairly unlikely that you’re going to run out of names to explore.

Though that all depends on how much time you’re willing to spend scrolling.