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14th Apr 2020

Aldi has a range of craft supplies landing this week and you can crochet your own llama

Leslie Ann Horgan

When is it OK for a grown up to have a stuffed toy?

When there’s a pandemic, and it’s a seriously cute llama and you’ve made it yourself, obvs.

Crafters across the country have been putting their #stayathome time to good use coming up with all sorts of handmade creations, from stencilled window boxes for spring flowers to knitted bands to secure face masks.

If your supplies are running low – or you’re tempted to try your hand at crafting for this first time since primary school – you’ll be glad of this week’s special buys at Aldi.

The ‘Craft and Create’ range will be landing in the chain’s stores this Thursday, April 16, and it’s packed with equipment for lots of different crafts.

Knitters can buy a variety of needles, accessories, knitting bags and, of course, balls of wool.

The range, priced from €4.99 per ball, includes chunky ‘hurly burly’ wool and a super-soft variety that’s perfect for making baby blankets and clothes. There is also a range of sustainable yarns, which include natural raffia made from wood fibre, navy jute, grey cotton mix or forest green hemp.

Those who like to crochet can pick up some yarn, as well as kits to make some cute little characters. Priced at €4.99 each, options include a cactus, donkey, crab, and koala.

The kangaroo kit includes a little joey in its pouch which is, frankly, adorable, but it’s the colourful little llama that we want to make to be our new spirit animal.

Patchworkers and those who sew can stock up on a variety of fat quarters. The Bouquet, Tropical, Scandi Geo or Block Colours fabrics are €4.99 for a six pack, while the Kirstie Allsopp, Flower Fairies, Little Red Boots Farmyard and Little Red Boots Birds prints are €5.99 for five pieces.

If you’re an experienced crafter looking to try something new, there will also be kits available for trying out punch needle work, macramé and weaving for €6.99.

And if needlework is not your thing, the drop also includes supplies for paper crafts, scrapbooking and die cutting.

All in all, there’s enough to keep our hands – and minds – occupied while the #stayathome advice lasts.