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11th Apr 2016

Adult Colouring Books Are Causing A WORLDWIDE Colouring Pencil Shortage

Ellen Tannam

Adult colouring books are sweeping the world lately, with beleaguered workers using them to wind down after a stressful day at the office.

I’ve seen them filling entire shelves, and the demand from people is SO BIG that colouring pencil companies are struggling to keep up production levels.

The Independent reports that Faber-Castell are experiencing ‘double digit’ growth, and their workers have to take up extra shifts to increase the quantity being created.

“The production of our artists’ pencils has increased strongly compared to the previous year.” Sandra Suppa from Faber-Castell said.

Staedtler and Stabilo are also running rings around themselves trying to keep up with the appetite for colouring evident in stressed-out adults.

The problem is so big in Brazil that they are actually experiencing a pencil shortage.

Many people have taken up colouring in because many feel taking a break from digital screens calms them down and allows them to be mindful. There’s also a strong element of nostalgia with people wanting to revisit their cosy childhood memories.

I hate to think of what will happen if the pencil shortage continues, there’ll probably be a lot more road rage incidents.