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17th Nov 2015

Adult Colouring Books Are a Thing


Cassie Delaney

It’s almost Christmas time so naturally our wish lists are rapidly increasing, our boards are rammed with more pins and our usual perusal of Instagram now comes with extra lust.

Crayola are really tugging on our big oul nostaligic heart-strings with the release of their adult colouring books. Yes, adult colouring books. The aptly named Colour Escapes are designed as a welcome escape to the stresses of adult life.


There might be health benefits to reverting to our childish ways with publishers seeing a rise in mindfulness colouring books.


Susan Walsh, marketing manager at Dubray Books, said publishers have been “jumping” on the trend. “I think it’s appealing a bit to the people who liked the mindfulness books,” she said.

“If they want to create something nice but without any artistic skills, it’s perfect. You can make something really lovely by putting in your own colours.”


Available in a variety of patterns and images, the art comes alive when colour is added. The pictures are oversized and printed on high quality paper to allow for framing.

*Takes out boring adult ballpoint and writes letter to Santa.