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20th May 2019

68 percent of Irish women said they’d wait this long before dating after a breakup

How do you fair?

Denise Curtin

How do you compare?

In a national study conducted by iReach for Toyota Ireland, Irish women have dished their thoughts on love, relationships and breakups.

In their findings, they reveal that us gals are a lot more cautious when it comes to getting “back out there” compared to our male counterparts.

According to the study, 68 percent of Irish women said they’d wait anything between six to 18 months before going on a date after a bad breakup.

Only eight percent of women surprisingly said they’d be happy to date one-month post-breakup while one in five men said they’d get back in the game after 30 days. Are Irish women being coy or are they simply not interested in a rebound fling?

Aside from that, it appears that once we do go on a date we expect a follow-up fairly immediately, with 30 percent of us gals expecting contact within the two days that follow a date. While an eager 12 pecent of us expect to hear from our dates within the hour after it ends. Do you expect a sweet text the minute you part ways?

And when all is said and done and we find the one (hey, that rhymes), 41 percent of us Irish folk will wait two years before walking up the aisle post-proposal. Interesting.

This survey was carried out in 2018 among 1001 Irish adults aged 16+ (52 percent female, 48 percent male)