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26th Oct 2019

6 things you know will inevitably happen when the clocks go back


In case you haven’t heard, the clocks go back tonight.

So, we all get an extra hour of bed tomorrow – yay!

The clocks are set to go back in the early hours of tomorrow morning, taking us from Irish Summer Time (IST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The change occurs on Sunday, October 27 – at 2am – like we said, early in the morning.

And, once the change does occur, there are certain things that are just bound to happen. It’s the rules of daylight savings, really.

Everyone asks the exact same questions

The clocks are going back – not forward. Which means that we get an hour more sleep,  not an hour less.

And yes, that means that when it says it is noon on Sunday, it is actually 11am.

Suddenly, your phone becomes incredibly untrustworthy

Without fail, your phone has always updated the time when the clocks change: in spring, it goes forward. In fall, it goes back.

But somehow, this year, it just doesn’t seem so trustworthy anymore – and you’re Googling away to figure out whether or not your untrustworthy iPhone really managed to update itself this time around.

You won’t actually sleep during that extra hour (but it’s still glorious)

Technically, yes – we get an extra hour of sleep. But since your internal body clock doesn’t know that, you’ll more than likely wake up at your regular time.

So, you’ll probably just end up spending that extra hour surfing through Twitter or Facebook on your untrustworthy iPhone – but hey, at least you get to avoid the cold snap for a bit longer.

Your mum will remind you at least four times about the switch

Your mum will become strangely obsessed with reminding you that the clocks go back.

Be it by phone call, text message, email, a post to your Facebook timeline or simply just ‘stopping by’ – she will find a way to let you know, believe us.

You’ll give up on the changing the car dashboard, oven or microwave clocks

Basically, resigning yourself to another six months of some kind of Groundhog Day-like morning panic – although you swear that you’ll actually remember those clocks are an hour fast.

Which you will. For the most part.

You will arrive into work an hour early on Tuesday morning

Either you somehow missed the memo about the clock change or your iPhone actually was untrustworthy this time: whatever the case, you’ve become THAT person.

It’s OK though, there’s always one.