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10th Feb 2016

56-Year-Old Is The Oldest Woman To Grace The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

"It was very liberating, actually"

Ellen Tannam

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is traditionally filled with a variety of thin-but-curvy young models, but this year’s release is pretty different.

Swimsuitsforall is running an ad campaign in the issue to promote and celebrate the female body at every age and size, Refinery29 reports.

Nicole Griffin is a 56-year-old model who had never worn a bikini in her life before the campaign: “I didn’t realize I’d be wearing a bikini, and I was a little anxious — in my entire life, I’ve never been in a bikini. ”


“I’ve always been more comfortable in full swimsuits that hold everything in. It was very liberating, actually. I’ve got a rounded tummy — I’ve had twins — and I found that to be quite sexy while wearing a gold bikini.”

Griffin is joined by a wonderfully diverse range of models, including plus size model Ashley Graham.

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More of this please! Representation of all types of women is vital to get rid of the attitude of a ‘perfect’ body being only one type.

Images via Swimsuitsforall