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13th May 2019

6 things that’ll definitely happen now that Ireland has a bit of sun

ireland sun

If you didn’t go outside today, there was sun.

Lots of sun. It was sunny and it was warm and it was only a little bit windy so basically it was ideal.

We deserved our bit of sun too. We’ve been dealing with wind, rain, hail, and snow for months on end now.

It’s been a six-month winter and we are sick of it. We wanted sun and we got it, and we’ll be damned if we’re not going to engage in every single one of these activities religiously now that we do.

1. Cans

Cans on the grass. Cans on the pier. Cans on the canal. Cans on the boardwalk.

Cans on the bus. Cans on the luas. Cans on your flight to Ibiza with the lads because why not?

It’s mildly warm now so there’ll be cans everywhere.

And rightly so.

2. Sunburn

The sun is here. We are aware of it, and yet, we fail to protect ourselves from it.

It was about 18 degrees today which, yeah, means that if you were going around with your shoulders exposed, you definitely should have had a bit of cream on them.

Pick up some factor 50 Janet, you’ll need it.

3. Lads with their tops off 

If you were able to walk through town yesterday without seeing some lad with his top off then congratulations because you are the only one.

Even the mildest hint of sunshine is enough to make the palest of men decide, ‘you know what? I’m gonna take my top off right about now.’

And they, regrettably, do.

4. More cans

You can never have enough.

5. Asking your boss if you can work outside

You’re half-joking but you’re absolutely not joking one bit.

Imagine just wheeling your desktop out to the courtyard and working on those spreadsheets while the sun beats down on your back.

It would be ideal, everyone in the office would be so much happier, and you’d be totally smashing those KPIs.

The dream

6. People jumping into bodies of water and subsequently going viral 

They’ll claim that they were “dared” to do it but they weren’t.

They just wanted the attention.