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14th Apr 2017

The 5 simple first aid tips that could save your life

Brought to you by Vhi SwiftCare Clinics. 

How’s your first aid knowledge?

While we might remember the odd tip from our school first aid classes, many of us are no longer fully up to date.

We’ve rounded up some simple tips that everyone should know. They just might save a life.

1. Use pressure to stop bleeding

This handy trick can be used in lots of different situations from paper cuts to a cut knee.  If someone is bleeding you should gently apply pressure to the area to slow it down but do not press too hard. If it doesn’t work then you should seek medical attention.

2. Don’t use ice to treat a burn

Back in the day, we all thought that putting ice on a burn was the best way to go. It turns out this is not the case. If you do get a burn cool the affected area. Run the burn under cool running water for at least ten minutes. Loosely cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag. If the area of the burn is particularly large then you should go to A and E. Vhi SwiftCare Clinics are a great alternative if you have a minor burn or scald to ensure you get quality care quickly.

3. Broken bones

If someone breaks a bone or you think they may have then you should immediately seek medical attention. Encourage the person to support the injury with their hand, or use a cushion or items of clothing to prevent any unnecessary movement of their injury. This will help keep the injured limb stationary to avoid any further damage and reduce their pain.

4. Choking

If someone is choking, you should hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades to try to help them to dislodge the object or perform the Heimlich manoeuvre which involves standing behind the person and applying repeated pressure just under the ribcage to remove the object. Knowing how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre can really save lives and this is a skill that everyone should learn. The best way to learn first aid is to take a class.

5. Nose bleeds

If you get a nosebleed, sit down and bend forward. Sitting is preferable to lying down, since keeping the head above the level of the heart will help reduce the bleeding. Bending forward as well to let the blood drain out through the nose rather than down the throat. Hold the soft portion of your nose pinched together with your fingers until the bleeding stops. This might take five to ten minutes. Placing an ice pack on the bridge of your nose can also be helpful.

This article is brought to you by Vhi SwiftCare Clinics. 

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