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21st Aug 2021

WATCH: Three-year-olds who became best friends during cancer treatment are reunited

Such a sweet story.

There has been a shortage of heart warming stories since the pandemic began but if you’re looking for some cheering up today, keep reading.

Two three-year-old children who became best friends while they were both undergoing cancer treatment in hospital have been reunited after months spent apart.

Mack Porter and Payson Altice, both only three years old, met in an Arizona, US hospital earlier this year while they were both receiving cancer treatment.

Their parents said that the two had an immediate bond and were soon inseparable.

Unfortunately, when their treatment ended the two went their separate ways and for the last couple of months have only communicated via the internet.

That was until their parents arranged for them to meet again in person. The pair hugged and danced together, and little Mack even bought a bunch of flowers to give to Payson. Too cute.

Mack’s father, Ty Porter, said that he believes their shared experience of going through cancer treatment has bonded them both for life.

“They know what each other are going through,” he told Cafe Mom. “Where we can all guess and we can all understand to a bit, but they know three year old paediatric cancer.”

Both sets of parents are delighted not only that their children recovered, but that they also found each other along the way.

“The human experience has so many hard things, and it can be so much better if we just are good to each other,” said Mack’s mum, Dani.

While this reunion might only be temporary, we hope that Mack and Payson’s friendship lasts a lifetime.


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