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15th Jun 2016

2014’s hottest convict Jeremy Meeks is now a model

He's back with a bang

Rebecca Keane

Who could forget Prison Bae?

As cynical as anyone can pretend to be, it’s hard to stop yourself swooning at a pretty face.

2014 saw the rise of one beautiful face in particular – that of convicted felon Jeremy Meeks.

Despite the American being charged with the crime of possessing a firearm, that didn’t stop ladies (and men!) losing their minds all over the world over the hot convict.

After serving two years in prison, the ex-con is out of jail and is putting his talent into practice by joining a modelling agency and the results are fairly steamy.

White Cross Management’s newest recruit, the former prisoner has been uploading the fruits of his labour to Instagram which are guaranteed to give you a hot flush.

Our #warriors fan @jmeeksofficial ready for tipoff

A photo posted by WHITE CROSS MANAGEMENT (@whitecrossmanagement) on

Look at those EYES! Two teeming pools of mystical aqua… *faints*


I can’t think of a more perfect candidate to wash my dishes.

The sad news is, the new model is taken, living with his wife and adorable kid. The amazing thing is that his son has his eyes too!

Fans on Twitter couldn’t contain their excitement at the news that #PrisonBae being freed.

Images via Instagram
Lead image via Facebook