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25th Apr 2016

100-year-old born on the Easter rising shares her secrets

Centenarian goals...

Rebecca Keane

The nicest woman ever was on Liveline today and we kinda love her.

Mary McGrath, Cork native celebrated her 100th birthday on 24th April, the day of the Easter Rising and she shared her stories and secrets with Joe Duffy on RTÉ 1.

Born in 1916, she revealed that she started working at 16, in a factory called ‘Jennings’ making sauces and lemonade, eventually staying in the job for 30 years.

She recalls having ‘no money’ but still having a great time, attending the pictures as they were only 4 pence and going on holidays to places such as Ballybunion, Youghal, Knock and Lough Derg.


When asked about her secrets to a long life, Mary said it was down to things like going to work, eating fresh vegetables and meat and having no worries or regrets that guaranteed her happiness.

When Mary had any ailments or sicknesses, her go-to medicine was hot lemonade and 2 Disprin which would have her ‘flying’.

Fans on Twitter expressed their support for Mary which only echoes our sentiments:

Have a listen to the full conversation here:

Images via EveningEcho