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11th Oct 2016

10 things all girls do (but will never admit to)

Only tan the bits that are visible...


For a nation that is renowned for having the gift of the gab…there are some things that Irish women just don’t talk about.

We’ve listed our top 10 shameful secrets… but if anyone asks us, we’ll still deny everything.

1. Wear the same bra every day (and rarely wash it.) 

Don’t get us wrong – we OWN dozens. Lace, satin, pink, white, strapless, backless, frontless.

But we wear the one that makes our boobs look the best. Every day.

Rihanna gif

2. Edit whatsapp conversations before sending screenshots to our friends.

We’re all guilty of a cheeky screenshot when we’re having a particularly juicy/interesting conversation with our significant other, and sending it on to the bestie.

What we don’t admit is the sneaky edits we make before sending.

We’ll leave in the bit where he mentioned THAT girl from work, but the part where we called him “snugglebum”? Cutting room floor.

3. Only apply tan to the areas that will be visible. 

Golden arms? Check.

Honey legs? Check.

Milk bottle arse? Check, check.

ross tan

4. Eat the popcorn we find in our bras. 

Get over it.

5. Pretend to stretch in order to check our armpit situation. 

We forget whether or not we shaved, and we also need to check that our deodorant is still working. This crisis of confidence needs to be addressed.


6.  Spray perfume on our partner’s pillow before we leave.

Then smugly imagine them cuddling into it and wishing we were there.

Hey, it COULD have rubbed off.

7. Iron our clothes with our straighteners. 

It’s times like these we realise we really, really aren’t grownups.

grow up


8. Wipe with cotton pads when there’s no toilet paper left.

Going to the shop just feels like a whole thing.

9. Look through all of our tagged photos when our crush adds us.

Obviously it’s very important to have a thorough creep through his pictures, but not before looking at yourself through his eyes for an hour via the “view as” button.

10. Lie in “never have I ever.” 

Ah…the ultimate deceit. Pretending to be mortified that you’ve had a threesome, in an attempt to cover up the fact that you’re mortified you haven’t. Down that drink you evil



***Honourary Mention*** 

Imagine ourselves in a music video every time our favourite song comes on.