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22nd Aug 2022

10 Irish baby names more popular abroad than they are here at home

Trine Jensen-Burke

They love our names.

Traditional (and unique) Irish monikers have become more and more popular here at home over the past couple of decades.

But were you aware that we are not the only ones loving Irish names?

New muns and dads across the globe are also opting for Gaelic names for their little ones – and honestly, how cute is that?

Here are just some of the Irish baby names that are right now proving most popular with parents outside of Ireland:

1. Liam

The name Liam is a popular choice both with parents in the US and Canada, as well as new mums and dads in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

2. Saoirse

This very Irish moniker has started to pop up outside this island too, with many US parents falling in love with the name over the past couple of years.

3. Connor

A very Irish name that is proving very popular with Australian parents too.

4. Ciara

Canadian parents are loving this gorgeous Irish girls’ name.

5. Patrick

This classic Irish moniker is a popular choice across the globe, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Germany and Australia.

6. Riley

I think we can lay claim to this as being an Irish-y moniker, and parents in the US and Canada are loving it for little girls.

7. Finn

Another Irish name popular with parents in both the US and Canada.

8. Quinn

Rising in popularity across many English-speaking countries.

9. Declan

Just another one of our fine names now being given to boys across the globe.

10. Erin

A nod to our actual little island, this lovely girls moniker is popular with parents across the world.