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26th Apr 2019

Your simple guide to travel vaccinations before jetting off on those far-away travels


Brought to you by the new travel vaccination service at Boots Ireland.

Travel season is among us and it’s true, we’re only delighted.

Now if you’re FAR more organised than we are, you might just have a little trip of a lifetime planned for summer, an island getaway up your sleeve or a rainforest trekking experience looming.

However, before you even think of filling the suitcase with your favourite holiday bits – don’t forget that travel vaccinations may be recommended before travelling to certain long-haul and exotic destinations. It’s not always the first thing we think of when we book a trip but it’s worth understanding why and where vaccinations are recommended and how to go about getting them.

It’s a beautiful world out there but certain countries have infections and diseases that are not common or don’t exist in Ireland. Without the right preparation, coming in contact with some of these infections or diseases could turn a holiday of dreams into a nightmare.

The good news is getting the recommended travel vaccinations is more accessible than ever before with Boots’ new Travel Vaccination Service.

Boots are the first pharmacy in Ireland to launch a service like this – providing more accessible access to travel vaccinations before your holiday of dreams.

Simply book your vaccination appointment by popping into one of the 10 participating Boots stores or online right here.

Before arriving to your pharmacy appointment you’ll need to complete an initial pre-travel consultation with a doctor who’ll give you a prescription for the recommended vaccinations. The doctor’s consultation can be completed online. Following this, your vaccinations can be administered in-store by a specially-trained Boots pharmacist.

What’s really handy, is that most stores offer late night and weekend appointments too. (Hurrah!)

Here’s what to ask yourself before jetting off:

  • Where am I visiting?
  • When am I going? (There can be higher incidence of disease at different times of the year)
  • How long will I be there for? (The longer it is, the higher risk)
  • Where am I staying? (There’s hotels, camping, hostels…where will you be?)
  • Am I going backpacking? (This can up your risk again)
  • Will I be visiting animals in the destination country? (We love them, but we have to be careful)
  • Am I doing any aid work? (Again, this can bring higher risk of disease and may require additional vaccinations)
  • Will I be in rural areas? Urban areas? The jungle?
  • Am I in good health to begin with? (Some vaccines can’t be given to people with certain medical conditions, so be aware of this too.)

Some other tips to remember, when holidaying; keep hands clean, be smart about what you eat and drink and avoid insect bites as best you can (much easier said than done).

Be safe, enjoy the sunshine and happy travelling!

You’ll find Boots’ Travel Vaccine Service at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, St Stephen’s Green SC., Carrickmines, Swords, and pharmacies including Waterford, Galway Shop Street, Sligo, Killarney, Half Moon Street, Cork, and Childers Retail Park, Limerick.

Boots are the first pharmacy in Ireland to offer a Travel Vaccination Service providing convenient access to travel vaccinations for customers. To find out more or book your vaccination service visit

T&Cs: Boots Travel Vaccination Service is available in selected stores, subject to authorised person and stock availability. It’s suitable for persons aged 16 years and over. Eligibility criteria and charges apply. The service requires a doctor consultation and is subject to a valid doctor prescription containing administration instruction. Most doctors in Ireland prescribe travel vaccinations, where indicated, following a consultation. Doctor charge applies.

Brought to you by the new travel vaccination service at Boots Ireland.