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07th Nov 2022

You asked, we answered! Irish nurse explains your top 7 health questions and concerns

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The experts are here to answer all of your need-to-know health questions.

Whether it’s down to your busy schedule or the costs that come with visiting a doctor, it can be difficult to fit GP appointments around your usual routine.

But it really is so important to seek help when you’re feeling under the weather, or if you’ve got some health concerns you want to get an expert opinion on.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with VIGO Health to answer your top health and well-being questions. We asked you to submit your need-to-know health queries over on our Instagram and, below, some of VIGO Health’s trusted Irish-based nurses have got the answers you’ve been looking for.

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Now, on to your questions…

I have a sore back in the evenings after work, any advice on what to do?

VIGO Health Nurse: “Back pain is common and can be aggravated by the task you do in work if manual or your posture if you are sitting or standing for long periods. For immediate relief, you can rest, take pain relief such as ibuprofen and apply some heat using a hot water bottle. Do a little bit more each day if the pain has been restricting your movement. Do not stay in one position for too long. Get up and stretch regularly taking micro-breaks. If you have a lot of lifting or other risk factors in your job, talk to your employer and tell them about tasks and they may be able to improve things to prevent the back pain.”

I sometimes get chest pain after drinking sugary alcoholic drinks – what’s that about?

VIGO Health Nurse: “Any type of chest pain should be assessed by a doctor to rule out any serious causes. Alcohol can cause an increase in blood pressure which in susceptible people may cause chest pain. Alcohol can also cause an increase in gastric symptoms which can cause reflux or bloating which can cause chest pain. It’s best to avoid these drinks until you have been assessed by your doctor.”

I’ve had pretty persistent headaches on and off for the last year. Should I be worried?

VIGO Health Nurse: “The good news is that most headaches go away on their own and are not a sign of anything serious. They are caused by a variety of reasons, but they are a reminder to listen to your body. Consider examining your lifestyle such as stress levels, getting your eyes checked, not drinking enough water, managing your screen time, and looking at your posture. See your GP if you have other symptoms with your headache such as double vision, numbness in arms or legs, a headache that wakes you up at night, or one with vomiting.”

Is fake tan bad for your skin?

VIGO Health Nurse: “Fake Tan should not be harmful to your skin. However, if you do have sensitive skin you can select a brand that would be more suitable. The use of fake tan can aggravate skin conditions such as acne. By selecting a fake tan that is non-comedogenic (this would be listed on the ingredients) and applying an oil-free moisturizer prior to the fake tan may help prevent this. ”

What do I need to know about having an underactive thyroid and having children?

VIGO Health Nurse: “If you have untreated underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, you may find it more difficult to conceive. It is important that you have your thyroid levels checked with your doctor before you plan a pregnancy to ensure your thyroid levels are optimised with medication. Once you fall pregnant, you will need to have your thyroid levels monitored by your medical team to keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy.”

At what age should you start to get breast mammograms?

VIGO Health Nurse: “Breast screening involves taking a mammogram (x-ray) of your breasts, which is used to help find breast cancer when it is too small to see or feel. This breast screening is offered to all women in Ireland aged 50-69 every 2 years. If you have a strong family history of breast cancer you may need mammograms from an earlier age which can be accessed either privately or through dedicated family risk clinics. You can get a referral to these clinics from your GP if appropriate. No matter what age you are it is important that you regularly examine your breasts for any changes to what is normal for you.”

What’s the best way to get rid of a stubborn cold?

VIGO Health Nurse: “Eating a healthy balanced diet, getting 7/8 hours sleep a night, and avoiding alcohol where possible will help to protect your immune system. For those with consistent colds and sniffles it may be beneficial to see your GP if you are unable to fight the sickness. You may be deficient in something and need a supplement to help your immune system. This can be determined through routine blood tests.”

Check out the clip below to hear VIGO Health Nurse Eva Cunningham answer even more of your health questions…


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Brought to you by VIGO Health