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11th Feb 2019

Women who enjoy this type of drink have a much higher sex drive

We always knew it was good stuff.

Can our favourite drink really be a deciding factor in what kind of sex drive we have?

Well, researchers at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital at the University of Florence asked 798 women to take part in a survey in the hopes of answering the interesting question.

Women between the age of 18 and 50 were divided into three groups – those with a moderate daily intake of red wine (one to two glasses), teetotallers, and lastly those who consumed two glasses of red wine and or other various kinds of alcoholic beverages.

They found that those who drank regular and moderate amounts of red wine had a higher incidence of sexual desire, lubrication and sexual function.

Although the study did depend solely on the answers women gave, we’re finding this rather intriguing.

We always knew that stuff had its perks. Perhaps we’ll crack out a full-bodied red this week then.