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14th Jul 2017

This woman lifts weights using her vagina and the pictures are insane

Vagina goals.
Vagina weight lifting

Vaginas are useful for lots of things.

Having sex, giving birth, and giving us orgasms – to name but a few.

One thing we didn’t think vaginas were good for was lifting things. But it turns out that we’ve been proven wrong, because holistic sex and relationship expert Kim Anami has been posting photos of herself on her Instagram doing just that.

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Yep, she’s lifting that lute using her vagina.

The intimacy coach uses jade eggs to attach each object to, places the egg inside her vagina, and keeps it there by tensing her pelvic muscles.

According to Kim, it’s great exercise for the vagina and makes sex more pleasurable. As she says on her website, she is here to “infuse more passion into your life and bed.”

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She also says the technique can help strengthen the pelvic muscles and is incredibly useful for women who have recently given birth.

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Kim even challenged somebody to a “vagina off” in this post because the person claimed that jade eggs were dangerous.

Fair play.

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Kim calls her exercise ‘vaginal kung fu.’ She’s been practising it for 20 years now, and if her Instagram is anything to go by, she has no intention of stopping.

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So what d’you think, would you give it a go?