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25th Nov 2018

Want to exercise but have ZERO energy? 5 healthy essentials to add to meals


Brought to you by Pharmaton.

Power through everyone!

Okay, that’s so much easier said than done. Try telling that to someone who at 2pm everyday, has an intense longing to nod off. Not only that, but they know they need that all-important energy for the gym later!

Maybe you slept terribly, perhaps you’re stressed, maybe you’re bored, or maybe your body is missing that much needed, natural energy boost. Here are some AMAZING plant and herb healers to add a MAJOR boost to life ASAP.

1. Thyme 

Thyme goes well with plenty of dishes, but adds something really special to soups. Try making a butternut squash soup and pop in a few chopped up thyme leaves. Thyme is rich in vitamin A, it helps keep bones healthy, it promotes healthy hair growth (oh, yes please) it treats acne, sore throats, coughs and even upset stomachs.

2. Garlic

Some of us can never have enough garlic. It’s simply glorious. It makes a superb addition to salads and countless meals — risottos, roasts — you name it. Garlic helps keep our immune system in tip top shape — it’s antibacterial and antiviral. It improves blood circulation too and is great for healing wounds.

3. Ginseng

So, there are a number of ginseng plants found throughout the world, but the one we’re referring to here is Ginseng G115 or panax ginseng. Panax ginseng grows in Korea, China and eastern Siberia. Its root has long been used as a type of medicine, helping to improve concentration, memory, physical stamina and work efficiency. It also helps relieve fatigue and boosts our immune system. Its many positive effects on the body’s functions is why Pharmaton have long added G115 to their multivitamin and mineral capsules.

They’re made with Ginseng G115 which is proven to boost concentration levels and physical performance even when we’re tired. It’s ideal for when we need that extra boost to keep us going.

You can check out Pharmaton’s website here to see which product within the Pharmaton range is best suited to you. There’s the original Pharmaton Capsules, Pharmaton Active Life and Pharmaton Kiddi — the latter being developed entirely with any little ones in mind.

4. Nutmeg

You might consider making a delicious homemade curry soon, because if you find yourself with a chesty cough, nutmeg is good for breaking up nasty chest congestion. You won’t need lots as good nutmeg is quite strong. You’ll feel a weight lift off your chest very soon.

5. Ginger

Ginger really does help boost immunity and it warms the body too. It can even fight allergies and lower cholesterol. Best of all, it goes so well in an array of dishes, especially Asian cuisines (NOM) and it makes a pretty good tea too. It’s powerful enough that you won’t need to use a lot of it, unless you’re ginger mad.

Brought to you by Pharmaton.

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