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10th Jul 2019

‘I have felt like a zombie all day’: Vogue Williams asks fans for tips on sleeping with anxiety

vogue williams

“Anxiety is a killer.”

Fans of Vogue Williams have been sharing their advice on dealing with anxiety after she admitted it’s been interfering with her sleep.

Vogue told her followers on Instagram that she’d had just two hours of sleep over the condition.

She revealed that she considered cancelling work over it and asked how others soothe their anxious minds before bed.

“I’m aware I look like I’m asleep but I have felt like a zombie all day!,” she captioned a photo of herself.

“Anxiety is a killer, the worst when it affects your sleep and you end up feeling even more anxious because you’re so exhausted!

“I woke up at 1am with the worst anxiety, I do know what set it off but still I couldn’t get back to sleep and had to get up for work at five. I thought about cancelling work but actually as soon as I got out I felt way better.

“Any suggestions on how to sleep with an anxious mind please comment underneath.”



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Her followers responded in their hundreds with tips including everything from apps to avoiding caffeine, writing things down, lavender and meditation.

Millie Mackintosh recommended the Calm app while others said the Headspace app.

“Melatonin, deep sleep pillow spray from @thisworks, no sugar no caffeine before bed,” commented writer Caroline Foran, adding “when you’re having anxious days, write all your worries and anxieties down before you sleep and get them out of your system.”

Vogue later thanked everyone who had shared advice and said that she was feeling better.

“I feel really good after reading all of your messages and comments on anxiety,” she wrote.

“They’re so kind and thoughtful.”