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20th Jan 2016

UK Doctors Respond To Sexist Newspaper Column With #LikeALadyDoc

The column had blamed the problems with the UK health service on an increase in female doctors

The National Health Service in the UK is experiencing a lot of issues lately, which has culminated in the recent junior doctor strike over the last few days.

This unrest has spawned several opinion pieces arguing about the different potential causes for this problem but one in particular, has really infuriated people. The piece was written by journalist Dominic Lawson for The Sunday Times and blamed the current woes of the UK health service on female doctors apparently prioritising family over working hours.

“Fewer women than men choose to work out of hours, and the increase in women doctors may have partly influenced the recent abandonment of out-of-hours work by general practitioners in the UK.”

Naturally enough, this sexist presumption drew anger on Twitter, with doctors of every gender joining in with #LikeALadyDoc.

Lead Image via Twitter/Ilovepathology