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27th Jul 2015

PIC: Trying To Avoid Sugar? Here’s All Those Hidden Names Lurking On Your Food Packaging

How to cut some of that hidden sugar from your diet.

If you’re trying to avoid sugar, or looking to drop a few pounds before your holidays, it can be hard to eat clean.

With busy schedules and pure exhaustion after a day in work, it can be easy to pick up packaged food and hope for the best.

sugar cubes

While the recommended daily amount is no more than five per cent of your diet (or six teaspoons of sugar), reading between the lines of your labels can quickly add up to your sugar intake before you sup that cup of coffee.

Women’s Health have crafted a quick guide of 56 different names used for hidden sugars.

Print if off to keep at hand, and you’ll be sugar-free in no time…

Image via Women’s Health