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27th Jun 2017

Need a good night’s sleep? This online survey could be the answer

Feeling tired?

Niamh Maher

Ever wondered how you’re really sleeping?

A lack of sleep can impair the brain as much as alcohol and scientists are determined to prove how detrimental it can be to a person’s health.

The largest sleep study in the world has just been launched and Canadian scientists are hoping thousands of volunteers will get involved and take online surveys in order to better understand the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation.

Cambridge Brain Sciences is a leading provider of online brain health services for consumers and researchers, by participating in this study researchers promise that you will:

” Help world-renowned neuroscientists uncover exactly how sleep affects brain health at an unimaginable scale”

So, what do you get out of participating in this study? When it’s finished you’ll get a comprehensive report showing how your brain health and sleep patterns compare to thousands.

According to their website the survey is a fun and engaging experience. Hey! If we can help out science while sleeping we’re all for it, you can sign up here.

Happy napping!