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27th Nov 2015

‘Most Hated Man On The Internet’ Breaks Promise To Lower HIV Drug Price

Ellen Tannam

Remember Martin Shkreli? He is the CEO of drug company Turing Pharmaceuticals and he hit the news in September for a very controversial reason.

Shkreli had bought the rights to a drug called Daraprim which treats illnesses that cause the sufferer’s immune system to weaken. The drug is used in the treatment of symptoms in HIV patients.

daraprimThe drug, Daraprim. (Source:WSLS10)

Shkreli then proceeded to hike up the price of the drug to a massive $750 per pill from a previous $13.50.

He was widely criticised for the move by politicians and medical professionals, and made a promise to lower to price of the drug back down but he had not specified an amount.

The company has now stated that the price of the pills for patients will stay the same, with a reduction in price for hospitals only.

Chief commercial officer Nancy Retzlaff said: “Drug pricing is one of the most complex parts of the healthcare industry. A drug’s list price is not the primary factor in determining patient affordability and access.

Another US pharmaceutical company, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has however introduced an alternative drug that will sell for $1 per pill.(The Washington Post)

(Featured Image: The Independent)