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24th May 2016

Calling all food lovers: Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ shared Top 10 tips on staying lean

Watch endless #Leanin15 videos on Instagram and always threaten to make them but never do? GUILTEEE!

If you don’t know what the sentence means, let me explain.

Joe Wicks is somewhat of social media phenomenon growing his audience on Instagram to a cool 1.1 million since his first clip in January 2014 by simply sharing workouts and healthy meal tips.

Hailing from the UK, Wicks, who is better known as The Body Coach, has been helped thousands of people transform their lives with his tailored nutrition 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain plan.

Just made this tasty Cajun chicken stir fry for lunch ? Double tap if this is a bit of you ?? #Leanin15

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Wicks has warmed the healthy hearts of the globe with his short videos and quirky phrases such ‘Bosh’, ‘GUILTEEE’, and his continuous reference to tender stem broccoli as ‘midget trees’.

Oh, and some say he’s easy on the eye but I haven’t noticed*.

In a recent Facebook page update, the online nutrition coach and mentor shared his top 10 tips on how food lovers can ‘stay lean’.


The tips include getting rid of all junk food at home, meal prep, 25 minutes of HIIT cardio five times a week and 6-7 hours per night.

Wicks, a self-confessed food lover doesn’t deny himself anything, with a treat one to two times a week and a night out that involves alcohol twice a month.

This week, Joe also had a special announcement on his Instagram account, the follow-up book to his debut success, ‘Lean in 15’, is here:

My second book is now available to pre order ?? It’s got 100 brand new recipes and new workouts to get you strong and lean ???? Its only half price £8 now at and it’s out on June 16th

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With a TV show on the way, I’ve a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of Joe Wicks and I’m not complaining.

For more information, check out, or you can follow Wicks on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at @thebodycoach – he’s well worth the follow.

* He’s a beautiful man, some may even use the phrase ‘stunreal’.