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11th Jun 2018

Great skin starts with pure water, and this €10 device takes out all the nasties!

We want one!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

We often forget our skin is in fact, an organ.

All parts of our body are made up of cells and tissues of which 70 percent is water. So essentially, we’re not only what we eat, but more importantly what we drink.

We know that if we’re not drinking enough water, we’ll likely end up with dry, flaky skin. Our body tries to keep our vital organs hydrated during water shortage, so our skin is the last destination to get a share. (Those other organs are pretty vital, in fairness.)

The worst part about not drinking enough water, is that too often it’s because we don’t like the taste of our water, we don’t like the smell, or we’re concerned about the nasty chemicals that may have gotten into it.

Water is tasked with removing toxins and waste products from our body, so it sounds a bit mad having these nasties in our water in the first place. It’s this flushing out of toxins, plus the boost of hydration that gives us healthy, glowing skin.

Well there’s a way around this debacle. AquaNu is the company behind the STAYpure ceramic water filter (*€9.95 right now for all our Her readers!) And this is what it looks like…

You can use it in any bottle, jug, glass or even your coffee maker. It prevents bacteria, absorbs lots of soluble impurities, makes your water taste better (it absorbs taste-altering minerals and chemicals), banishes chlorine and nasty smells, AND it does as it’s supposed to for 2,000 refills. (Nice!)

Chemicals like fluoride and chlorine are often added to drinking water, and chlorine can react with organic matter in water to produce THMs (trihalomethanes).  Some studies have suggested a link between these and cancer, after long-term exposure (HSE). Various pesticides, drugs, herbicides and more may survive treatments for harmful removal in water. Heavy metals can also dissolve from the supply pipework into the water, while storage tanks might leach chemicals into our water.

All of this, shouldn’t stop us from drinking the water that’s crucial for good health (digestion, weight-loss, kidneys, muscles, immune system etc), and supple, elasticated skin for much longer.

Just FYI: a good indicator to see if you’ve enough water in your system is to check if urine looks like dilute apple juice (it should have only a slight colour to it). If your urine is clear, you’re probably flushing out electrolytes at this stage (minerals like sodium and potassium) that are vital for cell energy and function. (At least it’s easy to test!)

So to feel far more energised overall AND get radiant skin, start drinking oodles more water, that you know is pure with this super handy STAYpure ceramic. Try one or give dad one for Father’s Day instead of the usual socks or tie.

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

We have an exclusive offer for Her readers so you can now get one pod for €9.95 plus shipping (reduced from €15.95). To avail of this offer or to find more information, check out the STAYpure website.

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