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31st Dec 2015

Five Ways To Get Through The Dreaded New Year Detox

One step at a time.

The saying “all good things must come to an end” can definitely be applied to the Christmas season.

After all the festive fun, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated again.

While duvet days and mad nights out are great in theory, we reckon the novelty would wear off if you were able to indulge all the time.

That said, January is never the easiest of months. Money is tight, the weather is awful and  Christmas is eleven months (and a bit) away. Eugh.

We’re not that brave when it comes to detoxing but hopefully these tips will help us get past the January blues without too much bother…

Don’t lose the run of yourself

While it’s all well and good planning to join a gym in January, eat clean and give up alcohol, trying to do everything at once is setting yourself up for a fall. Pick one thing and stick to it and things should seem easier. Or so we’ll keep telling ourselves anyway.


Plan ahead

The best way to get through a lean period is by planning something to look forward to. It might be something small like a mini chocolate bar after giving it up for a few weeks or you could go big and start looking at summer holiday brochures. Sun, sea and sand is one way to kick January’s butt…


Power in numbers

We all tend to feel the same in January so if you enlist a friend to join your new year detox, chances are you’ll have so many giggles you’ll forget what was so bad in the first place. You’re also far more likely to make that exercise class if you have a partner in crime.


Preparation is key

If you’ve made a plan and are determined to carry it through, making sure you’re prepared will really help. Do your grocery shopping online so you can properly plan what you need and you won’t be tempted by last minute impulse buys. Sweets positioned at the counter are just too tempting.

Bringing your lunch to work is another way to cut down on spending and helping you stay healthy. Soup is an easy option if you’re not exactly Darina Allen in the kitchen.

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Treat yourself…

Now maybe you’re superhuman but if not, and you slip up on your detox plan, do not beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us and you just have to push through it. Although we’re all for Friday cheat nights, moderation is key after all.