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01st May 2022

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? This simple trick will help in seconds

Square Method

Most of us are living hectic, busy lives.

Such is the world we live in.

And so it’s no wonder then, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed at times.

And for some of us, that anxious feeling has been almost ever-present these past two years. Between the pandemic and lockdowns, routines being upended, loneliness and worry – it is no wonder that many have reported feeling more overwhelmed and anxious now than we did pre-pandemic.

Luckily, a UK-based psychologist has shared an easy trick to try when you get that familiar feeling of anxiety.

“One easy technique to try is square breathing,” explains Dr Julie Smith to the Daily Mail.

“Simply find a window or picture frame to help you focus on slowing the breath and counting in four seconds, hold four seconds, out four seconds and hold four seconds.”


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Et innlegg delt av Dr Julie Smith | Psychologist (@drjulie)

During lockdown, the psychologist says she was inundated with questions for help from all over the world and would start to address the questions and worries people had in her informative videos.

“The main thing here is that you slow the breathing down – it can take several minutes so stick with it,” she explains.

“Any time that your mind wanders, bring your attention back to counting the breath.”

How to slow down anxiety and panic in real-time with the Square Method

1 – Locate something in the shape of a square or rectangle

2 – Starting in the bottom left corner move your eye to the top left corner, breathing it into the count of four

3 – Breathe out to the count of four when you get to the corner then work along the top of the square to the next corner, breathing in to a count of four again

4 – Work your way around the square breathing in and out until you feel your pulse slow down and the panic disappear.