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23rd Mar 2020

Fact Not Fiction: How much do Melanie Murphy and Jessie B know about sexual health?

Anna Daly

Melanie Murphy

Brought to you by ellaOne

Some of these stumped us too.

Sexual health is important. We all know that it’s a good idea to be aware what’s happening with our bodies, but how much do we actually know about our sexual health? We know all the basics, don’t we?

Or do we?

If someone gave you a diagram of a lady’s reproductive organs, do you think you’d be able to label them? If you needed emergency contraception, do you know all the options available to you? And do you know how to avail of those options?

Morning-after pill brand ellaOne recently conducted a survey and found that 18 percent of respondents didn’t actually know how the morning-after pill worked (fyi, it delays ovulation – so if you’ve already ovulated or are pregnant, it won’t work). They also found that 20 percent of the respondents had had sex before receiving any formal sex education, which means that there probably were, and are, a lot of people out there doing the business without knowing much about it.

Even with a formal sex education, not everyone is taught all the necessary information. A third of the survey respondents claimed that they received sex education at school less frequently than annually. Less than one class a year for something that most people will be doing for the rest of their lives. Not good enough, we think.

So we’ve teamed up with ellaOne to try and break down that social stigma around sex, sexual health, and contraception and get people talking, because the best way to teach topics is to talk about them. And what better way to fight stigma than with a fun little quiz?

We had a chat with sisters Melanie Murphy and Jessie B, who themselves are experts at crushing social stigma and talking about those all-important sex topics on YouTube (go on, ladies!). We knew these sisters were pretty in-the-know when it came to sex and sexual health, so we decided to give them a little test. Here’s how they got on.


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So there you go, even Melanie and Jessie found those questions difficult. How did you do?

Did you know that the vagina was inside the body? Or did you know that the morning-after pill is available to purchase online? Because it is! You can now buy the ellaOne morning-after pill online as part of a Click & Collect service. It’s just the thing for those of us who want to look after our own reproductive health but feel a bit shy about going into the pharmacy and asking for it. A perfect modern-day solution.

So stay safe, ladies, and make sure to look after your sexual health.

Brought to you by ellaOne

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