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12th Apr 2018

Don’t neglect your back! 3 exercises to improve posture and strength ASAP


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Life is better when you’re strong.

This much we know for sure. Being strong and fit brings so much energy, positivity and of course, a certain glow to our lives (and our skin!)

To show us how to go even further with our workout regime, this week In Training with Vogue, we teamed up with fitness competitor, trainer and business owner, Orla Hopkins. She’s a very busy mum and business woman (take a peek at her blog for tips and tricks on how to use time efficiently) yet manages to look utterly fabulous and leave just about all of us envious ofher outstanding energy and drive.

So we asked her to talk us through a few key upper body and back moves.

Orla’s favourite moves for training back and biceps include chin ups (ouch!), bicep curls and back rolls to finish*.

Yes, chin ups are loathed by the masses, but they’re absolutely fantastic for overall strength too. They target our core, arms, back, and they leave our upper body looking sculpted and strong.

Strengthening our back is extremely important. Our back plays a major role in how our entire body functions and of course that will be a deciding factor as to how energised we feel each day..

Our back is attached to our chest, shoulders, abdominals, neck, hips and butt, so you can gather how important it is to keep our back and spine strong and flexible. If we have a weak back, it means we don’t have the muscle to stop us from getting rounded shoulders. This can easily cause pain in shoulders and our neck, while also leaving us looking limp, and as though we’re lacking in confidence. Yep, how we hold ourselves is a tell-tale sign! When it comes to completing everyday tasks (even lifting those shopping bags) a strong back is essential.

If muscles in our lower back are weak, we’re going to be more likely to hurt ourselves when lifting or moving something, running, or even just twisting in a funny way could leave us aching.

So here’s how to get strong.

  • Chin ups  (2 to 3 sets)
  • Bicep curls (15 to 20)
  • Back row (12 to 15)

Don’t forget, for a balanced body, one that’s in perfect harmony (and much less likely to crack under pressure), you need to tone and strengthen your front/core also. Likewise, if you’re adamant about creating that six pack, remember you definitely need to strengthen your back too.

Be sure to take all the screengrabs from our Instagram video and the above. They’ll come in handy wherever you are.

*This exercise may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Brought to you by SPAR.