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12th Feb 2017

Women are recommending an unusual period painkiller that reportedly kills cramps in minutes

It's pretty unusual

Rebecca Keane

Now THIS sounds promising.

When it comes to periods, many of us experience pain on a wide spectrum.

If it’s not the sweats, it’s headaches and back pain but perhaps the worst symptom is period cramps.

Those little bitches of cramps rumble and rupture your poor stomach and ovaries and just make you want to go into the foetal position until you sleep them off.

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Many of us use Feminax, a hot water bottle or lying down as remedies for the unrelenting pain that are period cramps but one unusual remedy has emerged and been proven to work.

According to The Independent UK, women are using cannabis tampons to ease their period pains. Manufactured by Foria, a company known for their cannabis-infused products such as lube, the cannabis infused tampon is used to ease discomfort in period women.

While the suppositories (that contain 60mg THC) are a little pricey considering 4 will set you back €39.45 ($44.00), there’s a lot we wouldn’t give to ease the pain of cramps.


Woman on the Foria site praise the cannabis infused suppositories in reviews, claiming they work way better than any of the traditional period painkillers.

“This is such a fantastic product. After years of heating pads and leaving school or work early, I have finally found some help!”

“I tested the Foria Relief on the first day of my period. Cramps, aches, they were all there. All I had to do was slip one of the small suppositories inside myself, lie back, and relax. I timed the medicine, and after eight minutes a soothing, relieving sensation swept over my lower region. I in no way felt numb, but felt a similar type of sensation as far as pain relief. It did not reach or help my back cramps—which are the worst part for me—but it was very effective for cramps and soreness in my vagina and lower stomach. Overall I thought it was a good product, clean and easy to use. It didn’t fit all of my needs because of my lower back, but I do think for other people this could be very beneficial.”

We’re not sure we can see them being sold so freely in Ireland just yet, but they still remain a very enticing idea.