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12th Aug 2018

6 excellent tricks to help banish those annoying ingrown hairs

Orlaith Condon

They are the absolute worst.

With the first sightings of swimwear on the high street, we’re already dreading the first big shed of the year.

Yes, after a few months of not shaving above the ankle, we’re edging ever closer to shaving season and we’re not looking forward to it.

However, whether you shave or not, you can fall victim to ingrown hairs and they can be a bugger to get rid of.

They’re sometimes painful, usually itchy, and always annoying to see appearing on the skin. They are caused when the hair has grown round in a curl and grows back into the skin – gross!

However, there are some steps you can take to prevent them. Here are six things you should try.

1. Prep work

Having a hot shower before you go near your skin for hair removal will open up the pores and hair follicles and help make the removal that little bit easier.

It also helps soften the skin before exfoliation – win!

2. Exfoliate

If we’ve been told once, we’ve been told a hundred times, exfoliation is key. Ingrown hairs can occur when the hair follicle becomes blocked with dead skin.

By exfoliating once a week, you can rid yourself of any dead skin that’s building up on the surface.

3. Ditch the razor

While this may be the tool of choice for many, it can also help cause ingrown hairs. Yes, the sharp edge of the razor can actually encourage the hair to poke back into the skin and grow inward.

So, unless you want to let your hair grow, it’s recommended that we opt for hair removal creams.

But if you absolutely cannot part ways with your razor, make sure it’s a good one. None of those disposable yokes and don’t forget the shaving cream!

4. Pick your products

While exfoliating after shaving will probably leave you in tears, there are products you can use to rid yourself of dead skin without leaving you in bits.

Post-shave products that target ingrown hairs can often contain glycolic and salicylic acids which help break down the dead skin.

However, they’re also packed with soothing ingredients so to control any flare-ups.

5. Be gentle

While the inclination may be to be rougher with the loofa, push deeper with your exfoliator and put a little more pressure on the razor, this can all be counterproductive.

Leaving the skin irritated and sore, it can become quite dry and tight which makes the whole process that little more difficult.

6. Say goodbye to skinnies

Your tight skinny jeans could actually be encouraging the ingrown hairs. Yes, tight fabrics can leave little room for the hair to grow outwards, so they eventually curl back on themselves and form ingrown hairs.

While it may be difficult to ditch the skinnies completely, try to opt for something looser on the days after a shave.