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27th Feb 2020

10 struggles that women with big boobs like mine will understand

Cassie Stokes

Let me start by saying that if you saw ‘big boobs’ in the title and thought ‘sexy’ click away from this page now.

If you clicked this article in hope of reading a fellow woman’s some struggles with big boobs then continue to read!

Boobs are fantastic. I love them. But anyone with big boobs will know that life can sometimes be a struggle when you have a little extra on the front.

Now, I know that if you have smaller boobs you always want bigger ones but, trust me, when you have a bigger chest you want to shrink it. Ladies with smaller boobs, you can count yourselves lucky you will never have to stuff tissue between your boobs to stop your fake tan from rubbing off.

That’s just one of the many challenges that us well-endowed sisters have to face on a daily basis. Read on to see if the rest of these “big boob problems” sound familiar to you…

1. Finding the perfect bra

They say a bra is like a best friend: supportive, flexible and always there to lift you up.

So, just like it took you a while to find your squad, it will take time find the perfect bras. And when you have big boobs, you need some strong, expensive ‘friends’!

Finding a bra is a task that takes time, effort and patience. You can not go out looking for a bra last minute, no. You need to prep yourself for a day of searching. You will visit countless shops and try on about 100 bras… 98 of which will be the least sexy things you will ever have laid your eyes on.

(At some point, you may even put some of the cups on your head like a hat to establish just how big your boobs actually are. Mine are both, individually, the same size as my head.)

You will usually spend close to €100 on a good ‘best friend’, only to fall out with that new BFF when you wash her at the wrong temperature.

2. Getting a comfortable night’s sleep

Getting your eight hours doesn’t seem like something that could be related to your cup size but, trust me, when you’re rocking anything bigger than a double D sleeping can even be difficult. Something as simple as turning around can be a challenge – you have to make sure everything is turning with you.

And it’s not just your turns: if your partner makes an abrupt turn/movement, your boob could be resting on them. Then, when they move again your boob moves with them and drops like a tonne of bricks. The pain!

3. The tenderness when you’re on your period

Even saying ‘period’ makes my boobs hurt.

There is no tenderness quite like it. Those days when brushing off someone on the train makes you want to cry… I once actually iced my tender boobs with frozen peas. I forgot about them, fell asleep and woke up with cooked peas.

Don’t get me started on the weight – mine get so heavy a few days before my period, it’s as if I was carrying a barrel of sugar on my chest. Sore sugar.

4. One boob being bigger than the other

You find the perfect bra… for one of your boobs. Most women have a boob that is bigger than the other. I usually switch between two bra sizes, so one day my left boob is comfy and the next my right boob is in paradise.

5. The fake tan trials

Fake tan and big boobs – not an ideal mix. I find that when I’m at the gym, my boobs tend to rub off each other in the bra. When I have fake tan on this is not ideal, and will most probably leave a circular white patch in between my boobs. Speaking of which…

6. Sports bras

I really enjoy working out when I have the right sports bra, but there is nothing worse than hitting the treadmill and realising you’re bouncing all over the place. I have found it very difficult to find the perfect bra for the gym because almost every year it changes for me. Recently, on Curated With Cassie, I teamed up with Justine King and Ashley Kehoe to put some popular brands to the test. You can see how we got on and which came out tops above or by clicking   here.

Other problems include…

7. Going over speed bumps without a bra on. Ouch.

8. Going down a waterslide with your bikini top on and landing in the pool without it on.

9. Breaking a strap on your favourite bra and having to tie it all together with a hair bobbin.

10. Thinking you found the perfect strapless bra, then when you’re at a summer wedding and sweating a little and it starts to slip down your back, then front…

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