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27th Jun 2019

Win tickets to FREE lunchtime events at McDonald’s! Expect food, fun and ukeleles



Brought to you by McDonald’s Ireland

Oh, foodie fans, you’re about to be just as delighted as we are!

When we hit our midday slump and the decision over where to go for the most fulfilling and delicious of grub must be made, we’re plunged into a world of lunchtime doubt.

Well, fear not! Our lunchtime has just become the most fun, tasty and worthwhile experience of our day thanks to an incredible line-up of all-new menu items from McDonald’s.

Yep, McDonald’s has just announced its all-new summer menu, and it’s available NOW! Hooray!

With some permanent (and lighter) options added to the mix, along with old favourites (with a twist) and a mindful move towards sustainable packaging, there’s plenty to celebrate.

So, to really kick things off and begin to live our best lunch with a bang, McDonald’s is hosting Live Your Best Lunch experiences in Cork, Dublin and Galway next week, and they want YOU to join! Take note, everyone:

On Tuesday, July 2, get to McDonald’s on Dublin’s Grafton Street for a Pound Fit cardio jam session from 1pm to 2pm. Each class is just 15 minutes, so plenty of time to get the heart rate up and then enjoy your FREE McDonald’s nosh.

On Thursday, July 4, head to Galway’s Shop Street and pop into McDonald’s for some bangin’ ukelele lessons from 1pm to 2pm! (That’s pretty class, in fairness.) The ukelele master class will take 20 minutes and you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to try out the all-new menu!

Then, on Friday, July 5, in Cork Winthrop Street McDonald’s, it’s time for Pop Up Painting. From 1pm to 2pm, you have the chance to let your inner artiste create a wondrous work of art. If it’s not quite a masterpiece, know that we do love a trier and you’ll be rewarded with some delicious McDonald’s lunch regardless.

So, get your mitts on all those lighter lunch options. For a start, the salad and wrap ranges have been revamped while maintaining those bold, quality flavours, and they’re under 400 and 600 calories. Nice!

Speaking of flavour… ‘The Hot Cajun Chicken One’ is bursting full of it! It features crispy chicken breast strips or grilled chicken along with a Cajun sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, jalapeño slices and lettuce all wrapped up (pardon the pun) in a soft, very tasty toasted tortilla wrap.

The all-new Chicken Salad means a choice between crispy chicken (265 calories) or the new and improved grilled chicken (133 calories) with balsamic dressing. We can add bacon to the salad if we like, too. Mmm… bacon…

McDonald’s Chicken Salad

Enjoy the old-school favourites, back by popular demand. Try out the Smarties McFlurry, made with yummy vanilla ice cream, crushed Smarties and chocolate sauce. (NOM.) The iconic flavour now sits alongside Maltesers and Oreo on the permanent McFlurry menu. Only right, really.

Maltesers, Oreo and Smarties McFlurry

As for McDonald’s move towards sustainable packaging, McFlurrys and the range of salad boxes have seen all their single-use plastics removed. All main meal and side salads will now be served in 100 per cent sustainable and renewable cardboard containers, meaning a huge 102 metric tons of plastic will be removed from waste each year!

No more plastic lids for your much-loved McFlurry either, friends. That’ll be 383 metric tons of plastic removed from our waste annually. (Hurrah!)

So, to ditch-the-desk and treat ourselves to the best lunch EVER, simply fill out the form below, let us know what event you’d love to attend on your lunch break, and if your application is a success, you’ll soon get an email from us with your official invite to attend. How exciting! (If you cannot view our form, please click here.)

T&Cs apply. Competition entrants must be over the age of 18. 

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Brought to you by McDonald’s Ireland, Live Your Best Lunch