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06th Sep 2020

Yum! Lindt is bringing out a Lindor sharing tin for Christmas

Anna Rourke

Festive food just got a little better.

Picture it – it’s a chilly afternoon the week between Christmas and New Year’s and you’re over visiting a friend you haven’t seen all year.

The kettle is on for tea and they tell you they’re just popping into the next room to get some treats.

They return carrying a tin of sweets and to your utter delight, they’re not Quality Street, Roses or even Celebrations but Lindor!

The humble tin of chocolates is a cornerstone of Christmas in Ireland so we couldn’t be more delighted that Lindt is getting in on the action.

Yes, the Swiss chocolate brand has announced that it’s launching a tin of Lindor truffles in time for the festive season this year.

Each tin will have 32 chocolates, which we could probably get through in one sitting while watching Home Alone or Elf, TBH.

You’ll be able to choose between six flavours; classic milk, white, extra dark, milk and white, hazelnut and (drool) salted caramel.

As you might expect with premium chocolate, these tins will cost you a little more than others would.

We don’t have a price for them in Euro but they’re set to cost £15 each in the UK.

It sounds like a lot but this looks very much worth it.