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04th Jun 2019

A wine theme park has opened in France and it just made our bucket list


Imagine an entire theme park dedicated to wine. Well, if you love a glass of vino every once in a while and it’s your drink of choice on every night out then this place will be like something from your dreams.

La Cité du Vin – or The City of Wine – has opened in Bordeaux and it’s a must for all you wine lovers out there.

Of course, there’s no mad rollercoaster rides or bumper cars (that would just be silly), but there are eight hundred varieties of wine, 20 wine themed sections and exhibits, which includes a totally immersive, simulated boat ride.

Tbh, we’d take that over a 60-foot drop any day.

It also boasts of architecture that was designed purely out of wine inspiration, including wine in a bottle, swirling wine around in a glass and knotted vine stocks.

It’s basically just wine world.


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It’s pretty affordable too. For just €24 you can gain access to the park, get a tour and also see a guided exhibition. While for €42 you can get all of that plus a workshop on ‘A Glass of Wine in Markets of the World’.

This would be the most perfect place to go for a girly holiday, or with the other half.

A day of drinking wine? Yep, we’ll definitely take it.