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31st May 2018

THIS is the (unexpected) food that Irish emigrants miss the most

Tayto has officially been knocked off the top spot!

Olivia Hayes

Dare we say it? Tayto is no longer no.1?

When traveling or living abroad, there are a few things that we really miss.

Taking the p*ss out of Fair City, smelling the fresh Irish country air, and of course, the food.

It’s something most of us take for granted, but when you think about it, what kind of world would it be without a packet of Tayto and a Dairy Milk bar?

Well, it seem like many will give Tayto a miss this year, in favour of something else.

And that something else is… Kerrygold butter.

Image result for kerrygold butter tayto bread

We can’t say we disagree. That was the first in four years that Tayto didn’t reach the top spot.

According to the ‘Diaspora Decides’ study in Checkout Magazine, a total of 57 percent of the 303 returned Irish emigrants surveyed said that they missed Kerrygold while overseas, and 29 percent said they missed it ‘a lot’.

Tayto was missed by a total of 53 percent, while 23 percent of respondents say that they missed Barry’s Tea ’a lot’.

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Cadbury’s chocolate took a top spot on the list, and also included were Irish bacon, milk, eggs and bread.

“It comes as no surprise that, on the brink of Christmas, for those living abroad, nostalgia sets in,” said News Editor of Checkout, Donna Ahern.

Image result for butter tayto bread

“It is interesting to see that Kerrygold butter has pipped Tayto crisps to the top spot for the first time since the study, undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Checkout Magazine’s inception five years as the most missed brand of food by Irish people living abroad.

“Elsewhere, the battle of the big tea brands, Barry’s and Lyons, continues with Barry’s just edging out Lyons as the most – missed tea brand by Irish emigrants.”

You can’t beat our tea.