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14th Dec 2017

A toast cutting debate has kicked off online and we don’t know what to think

Decisions, decisions.

How do you like yours?

One might say that there are infinite ways to cut your toast.

One, in that case, might be wrong then because there are three ways to do it and that’s it.

(And even then, one of those is highly debateable.)

Feast your eyes upon the holy trinity – the three ways that people cut their toast.

Which of the above makes you angry?

Which makes you sad?

Which makes you want to grab some correctly cut toast and sing from the rooftops?

This (very important) debate was recently kicked off by Hallamnation, a student night club in the UK, who took to social media to ask their attendees what way they’d prefer to have their toast done after the club.

Now, apart from the obvious question which is ‘where do we find a club that will feed us food when the night is over?’, we were also left wondering ‘who in god’s name cuts their toast like no.3?’

It’s simply unnatural.

This isn’t about us though, this is about toast cutting and the debate that sparked online after this photo was shared.

People, understandably, felt quite passionate about this toast cutting.

Harrowing responses here.

A lot to take in, naturally, and a lot to consider.

How we cut our toast might actually define who we are as people, how far we are going to get in life, and how happy we will be.

… Which makes sense considering I don’t cut mine at all.