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13th Sep 2017

Prince George’s school lunch is like something out of a 5-star restaurant

Forget wraps and salads

Beats any school lunch we ever had.

Now that Prince George has officially started school, people are just dying to find out what he’ll be up to and how his school days will go.

And one piece of info the world wide web has unearthed is what the little man will have to eat every day.

We’ll admit, the food beats out anything we ever ate in school.

The menu changes according to the seasons “so that [they] offer lighter lunches during the lighter days and more substantial meals when the days turn cold.”

There are many options available to George, including vegetarian and fish dishes:

  • Freshly prepared authentic lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs, served with organic grated cheese, baton carrots and cucumber, and steamed fibre-rich whole wheat tasty pasta.
  • Freshly prepared salmon fillet with a salsa verdi, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and oven baked herby diced potatoes
  • Freshly prepared poached haddock with a poached egg, served with steamed baby corn, carrots and mange tout, and Mediterranean 50/50 cous cous and quinoa
  • Freshly prepared tomato and avocado bruschetta

And for dessert:

  • Freshly baked Portuguese egg custard tart with strawberries
  • Fresh fruit platter served with a fruit Actimel
  • Steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard

Anyone else fancy heading to the school for dinner?