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05th Aug 2021

‘Pasta skewers’ are the new food trend dividing TikTok right now

Sarah McKenna Barry

Would you try these?

Pasta is sort of a fail-safe food.

It’s cheap to buy, easy to cook and can be customised to suit a variety of palates.

Pretty uncontroversial right?

Well, apparently not anymore.

Pasta on a skewer has been dividing pasta lovers over on TikTok and it’s understandable.

We’ve been eating the delicious carb in bowls and plates for centuries – why would we change that? Plus, surely a skewer would be more of a hindrance than a helper? Who wants to be nomming pasta only to bite down on a hard, wooden stick?

Some foodies, however, swear by pasta on a skewer.

One TikTok account, @heartbeatfood, shared their take on the food trend, and to their credit, it does look quite tasty.


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The recipe, which now has over 4.5 million views, involves skewering cooked penne right down the middle, covering it in passata, sprinkling onions, mozzarella, peppers and olives on top.

Once they’re assembled, sprinkle on some herbs for flavouring. This user adds salt, pepper and oregano.

They then pop the skewers in the oven, until the cheese gets nice and melty and it all comes together.

While the end-product certainly looks delicious, many in the comments still couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the idea of pasta on a skewer.

One TikTok user was quite direct about it.

“Leave the pasta alone,” they urged.

Others had questions, with one person saying: “Lmfao but why”.

Others were slightly more open-minded.

“These look so good,” one TikTok user enthused.

Another maintained that the success of the pasta skewer is all down to the toppings, rather than the snack’s structure.

They wrote: “Pasta, sauce, cheese and anything else apart from the olives lol.”