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17th Feb 2017

McDonald’s are introducing a new straw (and it’s a game changer)

What a time to be alive


Henceforth known as “The Straw”.

The milkshakes that McDonald’s serve are good enough to bring all the boys to the yard, but they’re like, it’s better than yours because they’re experts in the field of sugary delights.

We know that this sentence makes absolutely no sense, but we wanted to shoehorn in a Kelis reference somehow.

If you’re a milkshake aficionado then you’ll definitely relate to the eternal struggle of trying to suck up the delicious strawberry or chocolatey delights, only to be thwarted by a combination of gravity, pressure and the small circumference of a straw.

It’s a bit like that episode of Friends when Joey couldn’t open a milk carton.

What’s required is a new invention/apparatus/vessel/consumption aid/whatever the hell you want to call a straw – and McDonald’s have responded.

Clip via – Samuel Hall

Simply known as ‘The Straw’, the new J-shaped design is different from similar straws because it has holes that are placed at the sides.

Here’s a look.

For the moment, ‘The Straw’ is only available in the U.S. and supply is limited because only 2,000 units were made.

While we don’t have a direct hotline to Ronald McDonald, we’re confident in assuming that we’ll be seeing these new prototypes being rolled out to an international audience.

After all, it would really suck if milkshake lovers were deprived of this potential game changer.