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25th Nov 2016

Kellogg’s tried make this corn flake brunch a thing and people freaked out

It's not going to happen

Sounds pretty strange.

In this day and age brands are constantly trying to reinvent themselves and make their product seem exciting.

Kellogg’s for example, decided that milk and cereal in a bowl is not enough to keep customers happy anymore and tried to invent some other meals using their cereal.

This included a hot chocolate with coco pops, an apple treat with bran flakes and even protein balls with Rice Krispies.

But the one creation that had people up in arms about it was the brunch they tried to make happen. (It’s never going to happen!)

Essentially it’s an avocado with feta cheese and corn flakes.


Naturally people freaked out.

Facebook users had very similar things to say under the ‘recipe’s video’.

”All of that looks great apart from the cornflakes part, which looks frankly insane.” One person said.

“Right team we need to brainstorm a new exciting way to use cornflakes. Just say whatever comes into your head. No wrong answers. Go!” Eight hours later “oh sod it, let’s just go with the avocado nonsense.” Another woman added.

Kellogg’s however, stuck by their creation replying to comments telling people to give it a go before they judge it.

What do you think? Would you try it?