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03rd Jul 2018

Ireland’s first drive-thru Starbucks opened today so you can get your coffee in a hurry

Jade Hayden

Phantom Frappuccino


If you’ve ever been absolutely dashing to work and didn’t have time to stop for some sweet, sweet caffeine, you know the true meaning of utter hell.

You’re wrecked, you’re in a bad mood, and your organs eventually start to shut down.

Harrowing stuff.

This particular scenario might soon be no more though – at least for people who live in and around Co Clare – because Ireland’s first drive-thru Starbucks has opened up and getting your morning fix is about to get a whole lot easier.

The store opened its doors today at the Shannon Free Zone adjacent to Shannon Airport.

The new drive-thru includes outdoor seating, indoor seating and a coffee dock and meeting hub area that will service the entire zone.

Ray O’Driscoll, managing director of Shannon Commercial Properties, said:

“We are currently working on the biggest investment programme of the millennium years in the Shannon Free Zone.

“We’re developing world-class property solutions and providing facilities for amenities such as Starbucks is a key part of our redevelopment strategy.”

The store will employ 15 people.